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Qualtech RPO is one of the Pioneers who do Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for USA & Canada. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the utilization of a specialist external organization for one’s sourcing and hiring needs.  We at Qualtech RPO perform all the aspects of the recruitment process; from sourcing to organizing interviews and helping in on-boarding as well in some cases. Whether you are a Staffing/Recruitment firm or a corporate, no matter big or small, if you want your Recruitment Process to be handled by a team of professionals who are best at what they do, Qualtech RPO is the ultimate choice for you. We complement your in-house employees with affordable staff in India. Make your company more efficient, scalable & profitable than ever, while slashing payroll costs by 70% or more!

Hire dedicated remote staff in India with Qualtech RPO. Outsource your company’s repetitive business processes to us. Your staff work from our offices in the India, under our supervision. We’re helping to create a more equitable world where nationalities matter least – and capabilities matter most.

Increasing number of businesses are turning to RPOs in India for their Staffing & Recruiting needs due to various reasons like; maximizing profit, to focus on generating more business, experienced professionals, etc., Qualtech RPO offers you the best in industry Service with Unmatched Support.

We are best in what we do because of:

  • Consistent Training & Development
  • Practicing New Techniques
  • Best Customer Support by a RPO
  • Unmatched Experienced and Trained Professionals
  • Best in market Rates

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing program enables you to get right profiles for your clients, which in turn helps you focus on Getting New Business. Our Recruitment team comprises of Individuals with proven records in US Staffing & Recruiting field.

We have specialized recruiters for different sectors and domains with our specialty being:

  • Leadership Hiring
  • Administrative Hiring
  • VMS Recruitment
  • C2C Recruitment
  • Permanent Hiring
  • IT Recruitment
  • Healthcare Recruitment
  • Engineering Recruitment
  • BFSI Recruitment
  • FMCG Recruitment
  • Tax Recruitment
  • Oil & Gas Recruitment
  • Sales & Marketing Recruitment
  • Bench Marketing
  • Telecom Recruitment
  • E-commerce Recruitment

Qualtech RPO’s salient features:

  • Qualtech RPO’s main focus has always been providing what’s best for their client and in order to do so, we have regular training sessions for all our Recruiters which help them learn new tools & techniques in Recruitment Industry.
  • We also monitor our Recruiter’s work on daily basis and have a Supervisor for a team of every 8 recruiters who helps and guides them.
  • We provide tailor-made solutions to our client’s, whether you are looking for 1 recruiter or a team of recruiters, part-time or full-time, fixed duration, we help you choose based on your need.
  • The average US Staffing Recruiting age of Qualtech RPO’s recruiter’s is 5 years.
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