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“Our leading hiring strategies with a high level of proficiency bring potential and successful results for your organisation.”

Qualtech RPO is an international trendsetter in Recruitment Process Outsourcing services. We offer a wide range of customized hiring strategies with the help of our skilled workforce. We address your needs and demands on time. We give high-performance and worthwhile results in every partnership. 

When you decide to start a new business or want to hire a whole new team for any department in your organisation, you need experts to source and bring the best professionals from around the world. If you move your focus towards hiring professionals then there will be a loss of time and results may not be satisfying as you expected. To maintain the concentration on your business goals rather than hiring, we are here to help and bring the best for you! 

Our company was established eight years back and we have been serving our most effective hiring services with minimum hassle. It has been the number 1 choice for every customer. Our fast and constructive services can be customized according to your choice and demand as per your present needs. Our recruiters and job search agents deliver exactly what you ask for. We are always ready to manage sudden scalability for hiring professionals. 

Our office is located in India as well as the USA. We are available 24/7 for our customers. When you enter into a partnership with us, you skip the enormous hassle that you can face while setting up a new team and department for your company as we are always here to fulfil all your demands. Our offshore virtual recruiters work on-site. Teaming up with our company would always bring you results and the team members needed as per your requirements. 

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Features of Qualtech RPO

  • You get a dedicated resource who is as good as someone sitting onsite in your office.
  • All of Our Recruitment Specialists have prior US Staffing experience. They have worked in North America territory before and are very familiar with the culture and lingo.
  • Right from understanding the requirement to submitting a candidate to taking care of Interview and On-boarding process, our Recruiters are experienced in all aspects of recruitment and staffing.
  • We have recruiters for all domains, like IT, Telecom, Sales, FMCG, Healthcare, Clinical, e-Commerce, Social Media, Audio-Visual, Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Government, etc. to name a few.
  • Our Recruiters have the best tools available. They have access to Job boards, as well as they are proficient on Passive Recruitment techniques as well. We provide training to all of our recruiters to keep them updated with the latest tools and techniques.
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